Questions to Ask When Interviewing Other Agents

Question Answer
Are you a full-time agent? Yes
How long have you been in real estate? We have worked in real estate for over 9 years, full time.
How many buyers have you helped this year? We have helped 72 buyers so far this year, for a total of 176 families so far this year.
What is your fee? The sellers pay the buyer’s agents fee. There is no cost to you as a buyer.
Will you show me all the properties for sale? Yes, we will show you all properties that are listed and meet your criteria.
Do you represent buyers and sellers on the same house? No. we will never represent both Seller and Buyer in a dual agency. If the Seller is unrepresented then we will have an agent represent them. This keeps your best interests in mind and creates a true fiduciary relationship with you, the Buyer.
How quickly can you get me into a home? Depending on the lender you choose it can usually be done within 30-45 days.
What makes you different and why should I use you to help me find a home? Our experience! We are currently ranked #8 in the Louisville market and #1 at Keller Williams.
Do you work with FSBOs? Yes, we just ask for you to give us the address and phone number so we can set up the appointment.
Are you familiar with new construction? Yes, we have worked with several builders and in the last year successfully helped 9 families build a new home.